Capitol Towers


ACK/KA/RERA/1251/446/ PR/200120/003838



  • Location :
  • Whitefield, Bangalore
  • Property Type :
  • Commercial
  • Property Area :
  • 8.27 Acres
  • Number of Floors :
  • 3 Basement and G + 11 Floor +Terrace
  • Price :
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Sumadhura Capitol Towers is an A+ grade office space and the brainchild of the renowned Sumadhura Group of companies who have been in the forefront of real estate development in Bangalore and in Hyderabad since 1996. Sumadhura truly believes in providing the best of urban living through a spirited attitude towards delivering the promised. Sumadhura also believe in the principle that “customer satisfaction is of utmost .”

Hand picked locations, honest pricing, on-time delivery and impeccable quality are the four cornerstones of Sumadhura group which aligns with their thought process and vision in the real estate industry. Today, Sumadhura has 42 high-quality residential communities and 3600 happy families spread across Bangalore and Hyderabad. Sumadhura is also diversifying in new areas like co-living and affordable housing. A legacy that revolves around trust and values.

Location Map

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Master Plan

Floor Plans

  • Tower 1 & Tower 2 - 1st and 2nd Floor
  • Tower 1 and Tower 2 - 3rd, 4th and 5th Floor
  • Tower 1 and Tower 2 - 7th and 8th Floor
  • Tower 1 and Tower 2 - 9th Floor
  • Tower 1 and Tower 2 - 10th and 11th Floor
  • Tower 1 and Tower 2 - 6th Floor

Location Advantages

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Water distribution is designed considering gravity flow to the toilets and utilities & Top 3 floors by Booster pump. Under Ground water storage tank planned 1.5 days on total requirement per day & OHT water storage tank planned 0.5 days on total requirement per day. Flow rate for CP fixtures / Sanitary wares will be as per IGBC.


SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) is proposed for the development STP treated water will be used for Flushing system, Landscape & Cooling Tower.


The vertical rainwater pipes from terrace floor will be collected into a Rainwater collection sump of suitable capacity, and overflow will go to RWH pits / Recharge pits and excess to external storm water drain.


The entire storm water from the project site would be disposed by suitable covered storm water drainage system to the existing storm water drain outside the building premises.


Designs proposed with percolation pits as per BWSSB norms


The design is based on the NBC 2016 guidelines and local sanctioning authority (Karnataka State Fire & Emergency Services). The system comprises of Yard Hydrants, Fire Brigade Inlet Connections & Internal Control Valve’s also known as Sprinkler Alarm Valve externally and internally equipped at all levels with Fire Hydrant System, Automatic Sprinkler System, Automatic Fire Detection System, Fire Alarm System, Conventional Public Address System (at staircases only), Fire Extinguishers (at Staircases and utility rooms) & Automatic Water Curtain System (Basements only). Fire pump room is located in Basement-1 level with remote access from Ground Level and 1 set of pumps with 1 additional Diesel Engine pump and 1 Water Curtain pump has been provided as per NBC 2016 guidelines and approved by local fire authority.


Basements: This area is predominantly for MEP Equipment & Car Park. Ground Floor: Grand Entrance, Fire Driveway, Transfers Level 1 – Level 11: Office Floors Terrace floor: Terrace floor areas will be utilized mostly for services.


No. of Basements - 3 Columns, core walls, shear walls, beams and slabs (Beyond towers) - Shear walls – Cast in situ, Columns –RCC Cast in situ, Beams –RCC Cast in situ, Slabs – Waffle Slab Cast in situ Description of the foundation for the tower Block - Isolated/combined foundations Retaining wall - Cast in situ Intended Use of basements - Car Park, MEP Equipment Expansion/Separation joints provided around the building - In between two towers – 100mm.


The design of the civil, Structure will comply with the requirements of the following:
  1. National Building Code.
  2. Local Building Regulations.
  3. Bureau of Indian standard codes.
  4. International codes as applicable.


No. of Floors - G+11 Floors + Terrace Shape of Building - Rectangular Type of Floor Slab - Central Core with column grids at 11.0m c/c Columns, core walls, shear walls, beams and slabs - Shear walls – RCC, Columns – RCC, Beams –RCC, Slabs – PT Flat Slab Type of structure - R.C.C. framed structure to withstand wind & seismic loads as per IS code IS: 875 -2015 & IS-1893-I: 2016 respectively Fire Safety of Building - As per IS: 1642-1989 Criteria for structural safety of tall concrete buildings - As per IS 16700-2017 Advance methods of construction - Waffle slabs & Adoption of Post Tension method testing.


Power supply to the project is proposed to be taken from BESCOM. Incoming power shall be brought to site at 11kV Supply tapping from two sources (Regular and Alternate Power Supply) as per local supply authority and shall be terminated in a Ring Main Unit (RMU) located at entrance or as directed by EB authorities -The power mainly caters to Lighting, General Power including UPS, HVAC , PHE, STP, WTP, External lighting, Lifts. The total power requirement has been arrived on the basis of 5VA per Sq Ft of leasable area for Office Building floors & common area loads per the actual load. Raising mains with tap off boxes are considered to distribute the power. Dedicated earth pits are provided for Tenant areas. Ring main system for Data & dedicated shafts for Data cables. All LED lamps will be used for Common areas to reduce energy consumption.


The centralized and high side air-conditioning system for the project will be efficient, environment friendly as well as simple and conducive to effective operation and maintenance. The system shall conform to applicable local and National Codes The capacity of the chillers and the AHUs / CSUs shall be based on the consideration that the space is designed for Office use. Chillers are designed Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV) & COP as per ASHRAE 90.1.2010 standards HVAC systems are designed for an Occupancy of 80 Sq.ft / person on Carpet area Fresh Air shall be as per ASHRAE 62.1-2013 standard plus 30% extra.


A flexible and adaptable building management system will control and monitor the principal and electrical services plant and equipment and allow future extension as appropriate. The BMS system will comprise a system of direct digital control (DDC) controllers located throughout the building and networked together and to the main BMS workstation. The BMS system will control and monitor the various HVAC and electrical equipment as necessary to ensure the building operates to provide a comfortable, safe, efficient, maintainable and secure environment. The BMS system will be integrated with other building control elements such as the fire alarm system and security system to provide a more manageable and coordinated interface for the building operator. The BMS shall be provided with Energy monitoring facilities to monitor and record the energy used by each system.

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