Sumadhura Group has been always committed to making our country a more dynamic and a prosperous one. We understand the significant difference we can create in the society we live in. All the processes that goes into building Sumadhura properties, carry with them an abiding care for our environment. We take immense pride in the efforts we put into conserving and nurturing our environment in the most innovative of ways.

Sumadhura Group also reaches out to the society in the following contexts:

  • Promotion of education through elevation of teaching standards, providing student scholarships and improving infrastructure.
  • Imparting vocational education thereby, increasing the employability and employment opportunities of the rural people.
  • Ensuring environment sustainability through extensive usage of renewable sources of energy, increasing the green cover in urban areas and providing infrastructural support to reduce water pollution.
  • Reducing child mortality and providing maternal health by organising regular health camps in rural areas.
  • Contributing to our Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund to provide basic amenities to the affected in times of natural disasters
  • Contributing to all Central Government initiatives, aimed at socio economic development.
  • Alleviating poverty, by creating job opportunities and providing pensions and awarding scholarships for needy students.