If latest reports are to be believed, 200 Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) Volvo buses will soon be getting Wi-Fi. In fact, you have to wait only two weeks to access Wi-Fi in BMTC Volvo buses. In the first phase, 200 BMTC buses heading to KIA, Electronics City and Whitefield, will be given this facility. Passengers will also be treated to an on-board smartphone-based entertainment system through an app. This is a very nice move… Read More »


Homebuyers looking to settle in Bengaluru in 2017-18 have good times ahead since transportation has got a major boost in this year’s Budget. Its primary focus is to allocate and speed-up metro rail and suburban rail. Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) are being setup to hasten the implementation of the suburban rail project. INR 345 crores has been allocated to the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) for faster implementation. This surely shows the government’s inclination… Read More »


Homebuyers will celebrate Ugadi with extra zeal and vigour as this time is also the best time to invest in one’s dream home. The year is about to begin on a very auspicious note, especially after a very positive Union Budget that has promoted affordable housing in an unprecedented manner. The realty sector is also reviving slowly post demonetisation as more and more buyers are again showing interest in investing in a new home. Ugadi… Read More »


Homebuyers who are looking to utilise the Prime Minister Awas Yojna (PMAY) will have their monthly home loan payments or EMIs reduce by about INR 2,000 if buying the first home in the city. However, their annual household income must be in the range of 12-18 lacs. Even if the overall loan is higher, the government is still offering an interest subsidy of about three or four percent on borrowings of INR 9-12 lacs. Indian… Read More »


Bangalore used to be a properly planned city a few decades ago. BDA planned extensions like Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Banashankari, Marathalli etc. in the late sixties and seventies. The entire city was calm and peaceful. But post the “IT-boom” in past couple of decades, the city was never the same ever. Traffic jams and congestions have become some of the biggest problems the city faces today. Thousands of vehicles get added to the roads every single… Read More »

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It is never a bad time to invest in properties India as the country is facing a real estate boom for quite some time now. However, as an NRI investor, things may get confusing, if steps are overlooked. Moreover, at times there are drops in cities’ real estate rates. Fluctuations in market rates are also common, coupled with a few other factors. The biggest problem NRIs face in making a good investment decision is their… Read More »


We all hope for the best always and pray for calmness, peace and prosperity in our homes. Staying positive and praying is one thing but have you ever thought what else can be done to achieve all your life-goals and attract peace, positivity? Vastu is the answer. It is an ancient and traditional form of Indian architecture. The fundamentals of Vastu-science circle around the various sources of energies, solar and celestial included. Balancing these energies… Read More »


If Vienna is the best city to live in the world, Hyderabad had been judged as the Indian city with the best quality of life. It is a third time in a row that the city has received the honour. Vienna has emerged fourth time victorious. The rankings are based on Mercer’s Quality of Living rankings 2017. Mercer is a global human resources consulting firm based out of New York. Mumbai and New Delhi ranked… Read More »


If latest reports are to be believed, people will soon be able to withdraw 90 percent of their Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) money to buy their dream homes. As per a decision taken by the Parliament and announced today, the Government will amend the EPF Scheme, so as to enable about four crore members of EPFO, the retirement fund body, to withdraw up to 90 percent of their funds for down payments, when buying their… Read More »

Southwest desert road

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has come up with a novel concept to ease the commute experience in the city. This new move not only encourages citizen participation but also makes the concerned authorities answerable. Citizens just have to download the soon to be launched app and send in the picture of the pothole.The concerned authorities are compelled to fill up the pothole within 48 hours failing which a sum of 100 rupees will be… Read More »


The rise in demand for Ready to occupy flats in Whitefield, Bangalore has been a major talking point within the realtors across the country. Let’s find why these ready to occupy flats in Whitefield, Bangalore have been drawing so much interest, from homeseekers and realtors alike. Why so, Why not independent homes in Jaynagar or Sadashivnagar? Why precisely Ready to occupy flats in Whitefield, Bangalore? 4 ultimate reasons why our neighbours / friends / facebook… Read More »

Happy family near new home. Mortgage concept.

One of life’s most happy moments, home buying is also an elaborate affair. While being busy being busy, it is easy to get caught up in the process of it all. Most of us fail to realise the numerous ways we can save time, money and at times, the buyers remorse. While ongoing residential projects in Whitefield or such areas seem opportune for some, ready to move in homes in Whitefield seem to be the… Read More »

bangalore bda

Ask a middle aged Bangalorean about the city and most certainly, the response is an emotional spiel, “Ah! Bangalore those days…” they may begin saying and get somewhat lost in the beautiful ways of life Bangalore was popular for until recently. Bangalore is that kind of emotion to most of us. M.G Road, Lalbagh, Jayanagar, Malleswaram, Whitefield, or any area for that matter – the cool breeze in abundant green cover, passing through a serene… Read More »

Sumadhura Shikharam

Ready To Occupy Flats in Whitefield, Bangalore have always been in great demand from Bangaloreans. The fact that most of the MNC’s work from Bangalore East areas like Whitefield, Maratahalli and ITPL has been a primary reason for such a massive demand foe these ready to occupy flats in Whitefield. The emergence of Whitefield has been as fascinating as it has been dramatic. Here are 5 reasons why there has been a massive demand for… Read More »

Namma Metro Bangalore

Very recently, South Western Railways decided to ease the traffic woes of Bangaloreans by sending out a train from Majestic to Whitefield between 8:45 am and 9:30 am. While this would marginally subside the hassles of commuters across the city, here’s some better news. Metro between Byappanahalli and Whitefield is set to eventuate from the second quarter of 2017. Land worth Rs. 900 crore has been procured for the same. The BMRCL has floated tenders… Read More »

Whitefield, Bangalore

Peak hour traffic in Bangalore has given every Bangalorean an ordeal to face and a story to tell. The commute to reach Bangalore East areas like Whitefield, ITPL and Maratahalli has always been a challenging proposition. Something had to be done and here it is… South Western Railways has decided to start operations from Majestic and Ramanagaram to Whitefield in the mornings to help commuters from many parts of the city reach the downtown side… Read More »

road widening

The BBMP is on a drive. Eight roads in Bangalore with a perennial problem of congested traffic have been marked to get a widening. Tenders have been floated and BBMP is set to initiate work very shortly. These roads which were found to be turbulent to traverse are set to become wider. 1. Tannery Road, 2. SE Bangalore 3. Varthur Road 4. Gunjur Road 5. Slaughter House to Nagawara Ring Road 6. Bannerghatta Main Road… Read More »


Dear Patron, Here’s writing to you with immense happiness and motivation what has been a cheerful and illustrious couple of months for the Sumadhura family. We have always believed our greatest glory comes from you, our dear patron and so we hope you are living it up to the fullest. In all of humanity there has not been a place that has been more comfortable, lively and lovely than the home. Homes are such wonderful… Read More »

Luxury homes for NRI's in Bangalore and Hyderabad

People the world over seem to be fascinated by all the brouhaha in our country right now. Demonetization sure has become a talking point across the globe. Somehow India is now that Hollywood movie with a Bollywood twist – Much anticipation, convention distorting innovation, a real sense of revolution and some drama has sure inspired much response from all nationals. NRI’s living overseas should have many a story to tell, they may have some problems… Read More »

Demonetization Impact on Real Estate

Hope is the name of the game in the housing sector these days. Demonetization has simply elevated the optimism levels in the country, There is indeed a good reason for such a welcome vibe –  The Banking sector  is expected to be more liquidated with at least about  20 lakh crore rupees of fresh money flowing into the market in the coming 2 to 3 months. With that much money, the banks can only get… Read More »

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