My name is Whitefield, I live in Bangalore. I was a quaint little part of the city until recently, some called me cute, while some said, “Whitefield, where?”. Though my roots date back to 1800’s it took a massive IT revolution for me to realize how beautifully bounteous life is. I was a one eyed king in a blind man’s land until then – Nothing to show but the strut from nowhere, yeah.

The turn of this millenium turned my life, upside down. The IT revolution brought in a fresh perspective and direction to my strutty and empty existence, A part of me was now a prized possesion. Bangalore became a globally more relevant city around this time. Thanks to such a phenomenonal upswing in the fortunes of Bangalore economy, I (Whitefield) became a world renowned place too. My neighbours Maratahalli, ITPL and I have always been in competition since then.

For Bangalore to sustain its growth, it needed space and it needed diverse workforce. Street Smart, Intellectual, Technical – all sorts of skills and people. And within all the demand and hoopla for an office space in Whitefield came another answer that would change the landscape of Bangalore forever. People realized one common theory – “the closer you stay to work, the smarter you are”. And in this phase of time when nuclear families were the name of the game in the metropolitan cities, another revolution happened around bangalore.

As the IT sector grew at a rapid pace, the real estate understood the massive potential in Whitefield and its neighbours like Maratahalli, ITPL and Seegehalli. 2bhk and 3bhk luxury apartments in Whitefield were offered with comprehensive lifestyle amenities within exqusite architecture for families loking to make smarter choices and wiser investments. The prices were competent while the convenience was unheard of. In about a decade’s time Whitefield became that protagonist in the moviw with a rags to riches tale. Whitefield became a booming market.

You probably understood why 2bhk and 3bhk luxury apartments in Whitefield were being lapped up like gold dust.

1. 2bhk and 3bhk luxury apartments in Whitefield came at a relatively fairer price. Much cheaper than owning independent houses in central parts of the city.

2. 2bhk and 3bhk luxury apartments in Whitefield came with a serene surrounding(remember the non exestential past?)

3. 2bhk and 3bhk luxury apartments had the fresh and upcoming civic and social infrastructure – Rs. 1000 crore was granted for Water suffieciency alone by BWSSB in 2010

4. 2bbhk and 3bhk luxury apartments in Whitefield promises a much higher value for money. Definitely a much Return on Investment considering the prodigious vibe to it.

The list goes on…

Why “2bhk and 3bhk luxury apartments in Whitefield” is being mentioned so many times”?

Because 2bhk and 3bhk luxury apartments in Whitefield have in a way have defined the landcape of the city to an extent. Whitefield showed the city that iit was indeed a possibility that a middle aged man with an average pay could actually own his own home, a luxury one too. Whitefield extended the purview of choices one could have while looking for an apt locality to invest in. Whitefield has been a game changer for these reasons.

From humble beginnings about 15 years ago to one of the few recognised areas worldwide for its ease of doing business, massive corporate presence and the good ways of life it is offering to Bangaloreans in those luxury apartments, Whitefield definitely has come of age. And thriving like a kingdom in full flourish.